University of Bologna Engineering Faculty, Forlì Campus

Engineering Faculty

The second Faculty of Engineering was founded as an autonomous department in October 2002, an extension of the Bologna University engineering courses launched in 1991. The range of specialist courses addresses the most cutting edge subjects such as bio-medical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, IT, aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Starting from the academic year 2006/2007, alongside a well consolidated study programme, students have been able to choose from some new courses, bringing the overall number of  degree qualifications to ten: the Cesena campus (the information specialists) offers 3 and 5-year degree courses in bio-medical engineering, electronics and telecommunications engineering, and IT engineering. The Forlì campus (the industrial specialists) provides 3 and 5 year degree courses in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering.

The goal of the aerospace engineering degree is to train future professionals with methodological and operational knowledge of both basic and industrial engineering with a particular emphasis on subjects of relevance to the aviation and  aerospace industries. Graduate aerospace engineers have industry-specific skills that offer them a wide range of job opportunities, in such fields as design, production, management and organisation, technical sales support, risk analysis, both preventative and emergency safety management and working as a freelance professional for aviation and aerospace companies.

This training equips graduates with the professional skills for a management role in aircraft planning and use, flying, air traffic control, air fleet management, including in such strictly technical areas as maintenance and upgrading of aircraft and their systems.

Students have available a number of laboratories and other spaces for applied research such as the hanger laboratory, and laboratories for the study of  applied aerodynamics, archeo-engineering, thermo-fluid-dynamics, IT, microsatellites and aerospace micro-systems, radio and planetary exploration, space robotics, virtual reality, surface and air navigation, machine dynamics and vibration and flight mechanics, plus the Lyras laboratory and a number of aircraft available for research.

II Facoltà di Ingegneria – via Fontanelle, 40 – 47121 Forlì
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I Video e le Relazioni


I Video e le Relazioni


I Video e le Relazioni


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I video dell'evento

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